Easy Setup

It takes only couple of minutes to get an account to see the chat widget on your site. Anybody can do it and absolutely no technical knowledge is needed. To see the chat widget on your site, simply copy and paste the script just before on your website HTML. No further editing required to deploy this simplest multifunctional chat into your website.

No software downloads

Unlike any other live chat software, all you need is a browser to start chatting with customers. Just login to the dashboard to begin chat.

Exciting added features

Options for you to do live talk with your visitors. Again you could turn on your video at any time and let your visitors see who is helping them. Great option gives a close impact on your visitors or clients.

Awesome multi-language chat

World’s first multi-lingual chat service. Great feature to talk with visitors from all over the world. Choose translation option, pick any language from the list that you want to use and select the language that your visitor knows. Similarly your visitor could choose the language they like to use and could translate into the language you know. Great feature to expand your friend circle or business around the globe and communicate with them effectively.

Real-time information of your visitors

See detailed real-time information about your visitors- country, how long they have been on your website, etc.

Chat history

Automatically saves your chat history. View previous chats with your customers at any time. Never miss any important conversation with your clients or visitors. At any time you could permanently delete any conversation from your account.